Cup finals and pressure

The other day someone asked me how I coped with the pressure ahead of the 1984 UEFA Cup Final, and whether I had any advice for the Tottenham team who are going to play in an even bigger European final later this month.

This business about pressure, it’s down to the individual. People talk about footballers being under pressure but I would suggest that if you’re out of work and struggling to pay your mortgage and feed your family you’re under far more pressure than any professional footballer.

As a sportsman it’s about how you deal with any given situation psychologically. I took the third penalty for Tottenham in the 1984 UEFA Cup Final against Anderlecht and I simply decided that I was a competent penalty taker and therefore it wasn’t going to be a problem, and it wasn’t.

If I had decided that taking a penalty in a UEFA cup final is a major problem for me then it immediately becomes a major problem but I knew what I was doing. I’m a believer that pressure is the individual’s decision, and I had already decided that this was something I could do.

I think i was probably more nervous playing for Bury North End, a youth team in Suffolk, in an Under 15 cup final than I was playing for Spurs in the UEFA cup final because, actually, as a young kid I wasn’t totally sure of what I was doing. But when we played Anderlecht I was 22 and I’ve played for England Under 21s and I’m knocking on the door of the international team and I’ve played in an FA Cup Final, I’m well and truly in there.

It’s your job, it’s your business and the Spurs players who are going to be in the squad for this year’s final know that they have reached the peak of their profession and are getting well rewarded for it. I guess it is down to individuals but nerves never really got the better of me.

If anything, the bigger the game the more I liked it. I just had more energy, I thrived on the big occasions and it was much easier for me to motivate myself for an FA Cup Final against Man Utd, or a UEFA Cup Final against Anderlecht than an away game against Oxford Utd (no offence to Oxford Utd!).

My advice to the Spurs players would be to focus on the performance, not the result. If we perform right; we defend well, we attack well, we pass well, we close down, we’ve got energy and we do all the technical stuff right then there’s a good chance we will win the game.

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