The women’s game is improving but USA still leading the way

I went to the US in the early 80s as a Brighton player to help run a soccer camp in Dallas and was amazed at the time by how many of the players were girls. The US has been building and developing grassroots female football for at least 20 years longer than the rest of the world and it shows because the USA are dominating the women’s game

I watched quite a bit of the Women’s World Cup. Overall I was really impressed with it, for some reason there are a lot of people that feel female football is a poor product but I would say to them that they needed to have watched the Women’s World Cup because I thought there was some really good football.

Of course its different to the men’s game but you don’t have an Olympic 100 metre race between men and women because the top men sprinters are faster than the top women sprinters so the women’s game isn’t as fast or as powerful. But technically the women players are excellent and I would suggest that any man playing outside of professional football would not be able to live with the women in the pro game. The standard is really high.

I thought Stephanie Houghton, who unfortunately missed the vital penalty in the semi final, was outstanding as a defender and I was also impressed by the striker who scored a few foals for England, Ellen White, I thought she was a natural finisher and she ended up with 6 goals

But to improve the elite female players you need to invest in the grassroots game. The US has been doing that for decades and it is no coincidence that their national team has just won the World Cup for the second time in succession.

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  1. Spot on Gary. I enjoyed it immensely and hugely appreciated the absence of ‘agro’ between players on the pitch (with the obvious exception of the Cameroon players) and also the respect shown between the supporters. All in all I found it an uplifting experience 👍

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