Gareth Bale could be the man to end Tottenham’s trophy drought

After a disappointing start to the season Spurs need a lift and Gareth Bale will provide that and much more.

Football is a team game but the worth of a truly world class player like Bale can never be underestimated. The Welshman changes games and when he’s on the pitch there is always the possibility of a wonder goal, a defence splitting pass or a match winning action.

He fills team mates with hope and belief, not to mention the fans, and opponents with fear. I put Bale in the ‘superstar’ category because he’s won the Champions League four times and La Liga twice at Real Madrid. Plus he dragged Wales to the semi-finals of Euro 2016 and has received endless individual awards in the process.

I find it hard to believe that a personality clash between Bale and Zinedine Zidane, another bonafide superstar during his playing days, has been allowed to fester for so long.

Bale has several more seasons as a player at the top and to have such a talent sat on the bench at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is shocking. I know from personal experience how quickly a career passes and Bale, for his own good, needs to be doing what he does better than almost every player in world football.

He needs to be competing, entertaining, thrilling fans and, if possible, winning trophies. Skeptics will point out, with some justification, that Spurs don’t have a good recent record when it comes to silverware.

With just one League Cup this century I can’t argue that point. But Jose Mourinho has been a serial winner of trophies and with the arrival of another proven winner like Bale the mindset and mentality within the club can change.

There are no guarantees in football however every club should strive to win trophies and not just be a participant. I see no problems for Mourinho to fit Bale and Harry Kane into the same team and the combination should be special.

It’s the sort of signing that signals ambition. It’s been a long wait for a trophy and bringing back Bale could be a big step towards ending that drought and bringing some silverware to the brilliant new stadium.

To Dare is to Do